Presentation of Fandom colors

The current block of color around the Fandom name doesn’t seem ideal. What could we do to make it look better?

I propose that we highlight the entire fandom card in that color.

I think that might be a bit much.

@Jon We should test it, but an alternative would be to just underline the name of the fandom.

Ok, I’ll give that a shot and see how it looks.

We could also allow users to change the color of the fandom name, i.e. the color of the text.

@brian But what if they choose a very light color? It could make the title invisible.

@Jon But they will see the problem and then choose a new color. But I see your point, and maybe that wasn’t the best idea. Plus, having a bunch of fandom names in different colors could make reading them uncomfortable to the eyes.

I will try out two options: (1) underlining in the color, and (2) changing the card border to the color. It will be interesting to see how these options look.

It turns out that colored underlining gives me the best presentation. It is implemented, and will be deployed in version 1.00.15.